Easy2rv flat pack kits liability waiver

easy2rv conversion flat pack kits will give a professional finish to your DIY built work / camper van, at a competitive price. However, you have to make sure that choosing the "flat pack conversion kit" is the right option for you. The kits contain all cabinet pieces with all doors fitted and hinged and all edge trims fitted. The floor to ceiling panels come precut to match the shape and profile of your vehicle.(depends on how you finish of your paneling) You will also receive a basic installation guide and a fitting kit (you will have to purchase: extra glue, screws, brackets etc.to ensure your kit is securely fastened in your van. easy2rv will not be liable in any case! It is your responsibility to make sure the kit is fitted safely and securely.

Do not forget to check with the ministry of transportation in your state/province.

These kits need to be fitted by someone with a high level of DIY skills. We recommend you to ask for a friend's help, if you feel unsure about your abilities. You will need tools such as a jigsaw and good quality electric and hand screw drivers. There are many pieces and although they will be labelled, installation still can be complicated. You need to make sure, whoever is fitting the kit, is confident in doing so and able to understand the 3D drawings. Please ensure that the appliances fitted into your van are done by a qualified trades' person, who will follow the law and all regulations and guidelines. We would generally allow between 1-4 days fitting the kits, depending on the speed at which you work. Kits generally take between 2-6 weeks to make from the time of order if not in stock.Please understand that easy2rv can not be responsible for a job done by somebody else. We strongly advice you not to remove the cabin/cargo devider of your vehicle.

Thanks for looking